With knowledge and experience in the OSS (Open Source Software) community, we can help you understand how open source can be utilized, modified and successfully implemented in today's business world. OSS can play a valuable role in reducing long-term IT expenditure and increasing efficiency, all the while ensuring complete control and ownership of your valuable data.

Whether it is identifying the most appropriate places in your business to implement OSS solutions, or assisting with those mission critical implementations and back-up services, we can help you.

As a partner to businesses and the consumer community, we can provide consulting on how open source can benefit anybody from home users, to business users. We can help anybody optimize their existing IT investments through the proper use of OSS.

It is important to have highly skilled technical resources at your disposal, but having end-users that are properly trained is even more important. With this in mind, we can also provide end-user training on popular open source applications.