gmail_backup is a shell script for OSX that will download your mailbox via POP3 and create a maildir style backup. Right now it will only function on OSX but it is being modified so that the same script will work on both OSX and Linux. The only requirement not with OSX as of 10.4 is getmail, which you can get via MacPorts.


Version 1.0 - 2007-08-16
MD5 ( = 8de85083aef8a332942a8cef34a2fcd8


I have mine in ~/bin with my PATH set to include ~/bin. Then I can just type "" after I have flagged my account to download all mail, even mail that has already been downloaded. There are a few settings you should look at in the top of the file, such as your email address, backup destination, and email password if you desire. If you don't put in your password, it will just ask you for it on the fly.