smug_screenshot is a shell script for OSX that will take either an entire screenshot of the desktop or just a certain window. Right now it will only function on OSX but it is being modified so that the same script will work on both OSX and Linux. It will send the screenshot to Smugmug in an album of your choice.


Version 1.3 - 2008-05-05
This version should work on both Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5)
MD5 ( = 88f32e4ea3eba7fc903f545819ce5a4f


All that is needed is to unzip "" and take and put it in ~/bin, but it shouldn't matter where it is as long as it's in your path. Next edit "" and fill in the correct details for your account. Be sure you have already created the album you want to put the screenshot in. If you do not, it will create the album for you and put it in the "Other" category.

Usage window|full [-s]

If you use the "-s" on the full option, it won't count down the seconds to the screenshot and just take it immediatly. With the window option, it will change the cursor to a camera and then you can "click" the window you want to take a picture of.